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iOS 14.2 second beta brings new Emoji 13 characters

by Ashish

Apple introduced more new Emoji 13 characters along with the second beta of iOS 14.2. Previously, this year Apple showed them as a part of World Emoji Day.

There are new Emojis for every category such as Faces, People, Body Parts Animals, and more. here’s the full list of all the new Emoji’s introduced in Emoji 13 along with the iOS 14.2 second beta update.

Faces – Smiling Face with Tear, Disguised Face

People – Ninja, Person in Tuxedo, Woman in Tuxedo, Person with Veil, Man with Veil, Woman Feeding Baby, Person Feeding Baby, Man Feeding Baby, Mx. Claus, People Hugging

Body Parts – Pinched fingers, Anatomical Heart, Lungs

Animals – Black Cat, Bison, Mammoth, Beaver, Polar Bear, Dodo, Seal, Beetle, Cockroach, Fly, Worm

Food – Blueberries, Olive, Bell Pepper, Flatbread, Fondue, Bubble Tea, Tamale

Household – Potted Plant, Teapot, Piñata, Magic Wand, Nesting Dolls, Sewing Needle, Mirror, Window, Plunger, Mouse Trap, Bucket, Toothbrush

Miscellaneous – Feather, Rock, Wood, Hut, Pickup Truck, Roller Skate, Knot, Coin, Boomerang, Screwdriver, Carpentry Saw, Hook, Ladder, Elevator, Headstone, Placard, Transgender Symbol, Transgender Flag

Clothing – Thong Sandal, Military Helmet

Musical Instruments – Accordion, Long Drum

Apple introduced many Emoji’s in July, but there are many more Emoji’s which can be seen with the new beta update.

According to the reports, users can face some delay in Emoji 14 which is likely to come six months late than usual. The Emoji 14 is likely to be added to smartphones until 2022. Despite the Emoji 14, there is a new Emoji 13.1 update which is planned to be introduced next year which will add more new emojis to Emoji 13. The new emojis will include face exhaling, face with spiral eyes, face in clouds, heart on fire, and many more.

Via: MacRumors

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