iOS 14: hide your photos in a more safer way in Photos app

Apple introduced a new feature to hide photos in a safer way on your iPhone. Earlier it was not possible to hide photos directly from the main camera app to the Photos app. With iOS Apple added a Hidden Album toggle in the Photos app to hide your private photos.

Here’s how you can access this feature:

  • Go to Settings
  • Choose the Photos app from the app list
  • Then, click the ‘Hidden Album’ toggle

After making these changes to the settings, go back to the settings app and you will notice that there is no way to go through the hidden albums and your photos are safe. You can also unhide photos by going back to the settings and disabling the Hidden Album toggle.

Earlier with the previous version, you were able to hide photos by going through the Share button and press the hide option. The photo was removed from the main library tab, so it looks like it is hidden. Although anyone can access them by going to Albums > other Albums > Hidden.

So, earlier it wasn’t safe to hide photos but now, with iOS 14 it is now completely safe to hide your photos in the hidden albums.

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