IT Home HarmonyOS edition launched, new feature includes floating window, split screen, and more


Huawei has launched the latest HarmonyOS edition of the famous Chinese news app- IT Home with the V1.50 update. Now, this upgraded application has new features such as floating window, split-screen, various optimization in current scenarios, and several fixes occurring in the application.

As HarmonyOS is still in its early stages of construing a wide range of applications in its ecosystem, there may be follow-up development in the existing editions. However, the HarmonyOS edition of It Home has the latest features as per the users’ feedbacks. You can check the modification list for the V1.50 update below-

IT Home HarmonyOS Edition:

Major Feature:

The new IT Home HarmonyOS Edition now supports the free installation process. In addition, users will also find the search bar in the service center to access their desired finding as soon as possible.

New Features

  • The article page supportsĀ Huawei sharing, which can be shared to nearby HarmonyOs smartphone tablets, and laptops. In addition, the receiver device can directly open without installation
  • It supports setting the thumbnail of the homepage list to be left or right
  • New floating small windows and split screens can use now
  • Record browsing history can be closed in settings
  • Comment support report and delete functions
  • Hall of Fame” and “Little Black House” have been added to the Discovery column
  • A new wave of tails is coming


  • Improved scrolling performance of homepage list
  • The cards interface adapt to the dark mode


  • The problem that, the Widget content may not be loaded has been solved now
  • Screen jam under due to some abnormal conditions completed resolved
  • Fixes the problem of flashing white when entering the article from the Widget in dark mode
  • In some cases, the keyboard mode is not changed when the login page is switched and the password is logged in, solved now
  • The problem of incorrect pops ups of automatic login failure prompts are solved

IT Home HarmonyOS Edition

To be mentioned, the first HarmonyOS edition of It Home was launched on the 9th of July, 2021 and now it has successfully upgraded 5 times reaching V1.50. At present, more editions are being prepared to fight with the filly developed systems including Android and iOS.

The reports further show that the next 1.60 will come with more upgraded features. It includes live video broadcasting watching support, multi-screen collaboration, enhanced widgets, comment management, and more.

To download the latest V1.50 IT Home HarmonyOS Edition- Click Here. Furthermore, users can also search It Home in AppGallery and download the application with the HM OS logo. Besides, the next step of the IT Home version for the HarmonyOS platform will also appear in the HarmonyOS application zone.


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