Jio TCS 5G network US

Jio and TCS to overtake ZTE in US for 5G and 6G network support

The G20 summit has been a great headline these days where top regions have discussed their plans related to network and other technical sectors. Eventually, this summit has seeded a hope that the domestic telecom solutions including Jio and TCS will soon firm their legs in the US for better 5G and 6G network support.

According to the details, the US Rip and Replace programme is aiming to remove Chinese network players such as ZTE and Huawei from the list and include some modern as well as functional equipment that can meet their business needs.

Following this motive, India and the US shook their hands at the G20 summit and affirmed developing 5G and 6G network techs using some Indian companies such as Jio and TCS. Things will begin with a pilot program in the Rip and Replace Programme.

A major concern at this point for the few network players is scale, brand value, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certificate in the US. Perhaps, things will gradually proceed with the completion of all the primary requirements.

The director general of VoICE consortium – Rakesh Bhatnagar said:

“These local suppliers have a full potential to replace Chinese equipment players. The opportunity not only exists in the US, but also Africa and other European nations.”

In addition to network strategy, India and the US have also signed a memorandum between Bharat 6G Alliance and Next G Alliance to strengthen the public-private sector among vendors as well as operators.

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Jio TCS 5G network US


Jio and TCS to overtake ZTE in US for 5G and 6G network support

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