Learn strategies and tips for controlling on Call of Duty – Black Ops Cold War tactile map Intel Express


Call of Duty – Express has officially come up with the latest Season One content of Black Ops Cold War. Starting with the classic map Black Ops II, the express bullet train takes place on the railway, with players battling terminals, station platforms, and tracks.

Express is generously available to all players and is an instant favorite in 6v6 map rotation. Whether you need a refresher or you are deploying an Express for the first time, you can go over the main points on the map.

Lay of the Land

Express is the future of high-tech transportation in Los Angeles, California. The map is symmetrical in a medium-size and U-shaped layout, which divides between the internal terminal and the external rail platform.

Basic Strategies

Mobility succeeds here with the symmetry and circular flow of the express provide all sorts of routes and approaches to your destination, stay short on the map to avoid the hustle and bustle of the center, or are you running on train cars to attack everything in focus.

Scorestreak Field Guide

Considering the large interior terminal and the covered bridges and towers, there is plenty of map space to prevent airstrikes. For this reason, developers focus on Floor Attack and Intel.

Objective Play

In dominance, the battle with the platform and tracks are very intense because all three flags are out. In this setting, aerial Scorestreak is more effective with proper placement and timing.

The bridges and side platforms appear here as the main defenses of the A and C flags including the headquarters and venue in the fight for B can find obvious flaws.

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Get strategies and tips for dominating on this classic map:

  1. Flex – Express was a staple map in competitive Call of Duty in Black Ops II. Load it up, learn the map, and flex your competitive might.
  2. Center Smoke: Sometimes you just have to cross the center as fast as possible, and tossing a Smoke Grenade before you do so can make your journey a whole lot safer. They are also highly valuable in obscuring your enemy’s view while taking the B flag in Domination or hiding your actions near the active Hardpoint.
  3. Molotov Barricade: Use the Molotov to cut off access in the narrow hallways, bridges, and between the train cars and other tight obstacles.
  4. Protect Yourself with Spycraft: As mentioned, combine Spycraft with engineers to hunt and hack them, or just use Spycraft to become immune to the negative effects of the CounterSpy Plane, Jammer, Tracker, and Paranoia.
  5. Take a Longshot: Snipers can do very well here with the right positioning.
  6. Clear the Skies: The SAM Turret Field Upgrade can be very useful on Express.
  7. Sweep the Tracks: If you’ve acquired the Streetsweeper shotgun in Season One, try taking it for a spin here.
  8. Thanks, Battle Pass: The Mac-10 SMG (unlocked free at Tier 15) and the Groza assault rifle (unlocked free at Tier 31) of the Season One Battle Pass are both strong options to consider here.
  9. Engineers Welcome: Use Engineer to spot the enemy’s tools through walls, helping you to avoid their effects or to seek out and destroy them.
  10. Climb Everything: We’ve used this tip before and it applies equally to Express. Climb up into the side windows of the elevated control room. Climb out the bridge windows to the top of the train cars.

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