Lenovo Savior 2 Pro real device leaked, with world’s first dual turbofan

The new product launch conference of the rescuer gaming mobile phone 2 Pro will be held on April 8. On April 6, a well-known tipster released two real photos of the device, indicating that the device has a large symmetrical full screen.


And there is a podium-like protrusion in the middle of the back cover, and the above is 1/1.3 “the image module on the outsole has a built-in visual fan interface.

The aircraft is furnished with the world’s first dual turbofan super liquid cooling integrated heat dissipation system, which means that it has two turbofans installed inside, as can be seen from the above picture.

Add the main camera of the Savior Gaming Phone 2 Pro is a full-body super-outsole sensor OV64A, with 64 million effective pixels, and supports up to 4K 120fps and 8K 30fps video shooting capabilities.


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