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LG unveils new OLED G1 TV series from 55″ to 77″ range in Russia

by Ashish

LG Electronics introduces the G1 OLED TV series in three diagonals – from 55 to 77 inches. The series features advanced OLED Evo technology and Gallery design that transforms the TV into a digital canvas.

LG has developed the next generation Evo OLED panel based on innovative lighting elements that display even clearer hues on the screen at a new high level of brightness. To maximize the likelihood of the colors transmitted by the OLED screen, new materials have been used to create the matrix elements, the emission spectrum of which has become narrower, producing more stable and accurate base colors – red, blue, and yellow.

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In addition, OLED technology allows the TV to be incredibly thin and very close to the wall, which is what the Gallery Design OLED G1 TVs are all about. The TV looks like a painting, complementing the interior of the home and adding elegance to space.

The LG OLED Evo TV has rich functionality thanks to picturing enhancement technologies and a good form factor: it is a digital canvas showcasing works of art, a cinema with a large screen, a portal to game worlds, and a front-row seat at the largest sports events. Learn more about the LG OLED G1 TV series.

Also, for connoisseurs of design, a new accessory will appear – the Gallery Stand, which will allow you to freely plan the interior by placing the TV anywhere in your home, and most importantly, the Gallery Stand will help you to ergonomically place wires and devices while preserving the beauty of the space.

The unique design makes it possible to hide the wires inside the stand, and all the devices accompanying the TV (router, TV set-top box) into a convenient box behind the TV panel screen. And so that the signal is not lost, an IR repeater is built into the base of the stand.

In addition, LG OLED TV can be combined with the LG ThinQ smart home ecosystem to ensure you get the most out of your use. You can choose your favorite voice assistant and control your TV with the new Smart TV home screen, which is even more convenient. Links to download applications on Google Play and the App Store.

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