LGD OLED TV panel receives international certification for ‘dazzle-preventing display product’

by RPRNA Group

LG Display’s OLED TV panel has for the first time get the “Discomfort Glare Free” certification from UL, the industry’s most authoritative safety certification company.

This means that OLED TVs have become the only display products that have got the certification of “low blue light”, “flicker-free” and “dazzle prevention” certification from the international authority.


All products of OLED TV panels can present the most appropriate picture brightness, without dazzling glare, and present the best picture quality after UL certification.

In various environments such as North America and Europe, where indirect lighting is the main focus, and Asia where direct lighting is the main focus, the glare value achieved by OLED TVs can reach the standard, which helps to enjoy TV content comfortably.

Along with this, OLED has about 33 million pixels, and the brightness of each pixel can be adjusted to achieve infinite contrast and provide comfortable clarity for the eyes.

As reported, LG Display will provide OLED TV makers and channel producers around the world with the “Prevent Discomfort Glare” certification mark in the future to help promote the popularization of OLED TVs.


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