Microsoft Outlook mobile App will support custom corporate logos

by RPRNA Group

Microsoft Exchange e-mail service has been utilized by many large companies and organizations, but the account is very similar to a personal account, and both can be used on the Outlook mobile app that is difficult to distinguish.

As reported, Microsoft is about to push updates for the Outlook application on Android and iOS, and support Exchange email accounts to display the logo of a company or organization.


This feature can be displayed on the mailbox homepage, inbox, mailing page, etc., which is very eye-catching and is convenient for users to distinguish between personal mailbox accounts.

Microsoft stated that enterprises and organizations need to use the Azure Active Directory service to set up the Logo, after that the mobile app can automatically display the Logo.

The Outlook update will first arrive in May 2021 and will be officially launched in June. It should be noted that if the user’s Outlook App has only one account, the company or organization logo will not appear.

For the managers of enterprises and organizations, Microsoft gives a setup tutorial for customizing the brand logo and other information. The following is a tutorial: Add the brand to the Azure Active Directory login page of the organization.


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