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Midea refrigerator with Huawei’s HarmonyOS launches in China

by Vim L

Midea which is one of the popular home appliances companies in china just launched a new refrigerator featuring HarmonyOS from Huawei.

The device can also act as a smart device and offers various features to the user including touch-based interaction, which can inform the users regarding the freshness of the ingredients inside the refrigerator at any given moment.

However, a simple touch can also offer the users a large number of recipes for cooking with just a few clicks.

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One can also customize the dishes based on the remaining ingredients in the refrigerator. Even fruits and vegetables can be stored in a manner that keeps them fresh for longer.

To store these all eatables, HarmonyOS enabled refrigerator boasts a total volume of 603 liters, with 382 liters being the volume of the various compartments, while the freezer area has a capacity of 194 liters.

Besides, this new Midea fridge was also highlighted for its energy efficiency and will be offered with a robust after-sales service experience as well.

The device is currently available on Huawei Mall for a price of 7,999 Yuan (roughly 1,250 US Dollars) but can be purchased right now at a discounted price of 6,999 Yuan (roughly 1,100 US Dollars).


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