MIUI 14 Coming Soon: Spotted on the codebase

MIUI 14 leaks

All flagship devices nowadays are running MIUI 13 customization skin and we expect the next MIUI skin to be offered as an intermediate MIUI 13.5 update. Meanwhile, we hear some interesting leaks about MIUI 14 which is coming soon.

According to Xiaomiui, the upcoming MIUI 14 was spotted on the codebase via one of the system apps. Here, in this article, we are sharing all the information regarding the next MIUI 14 customization layer that receives via the leaks.


However, many devices have yet to receive MIUI 13, it should come as no surprise that Xiaomi is already working hard. While the MIUI 13 rollout goes ahead, the company is already preparing for the next big thing.

As per the information, one of the system apps looked at the codebase of the software and found MIUI 14 reference on the codebase. The codename of the upcoming Xiaomi 13 in this leak is “Nuva”. This information indicates that Xiaomi is testing MIUI 14 internally on supported devices. However, some haven’t surfaced yet such as the Xiaomi 13. Although the device may still be a few months away from its release, we know that the company is already working on it, and it will probably come with MIUI 14.

MIUI 14 possible release date:

As per the report, Xiaomi could be preparing a surprise rollout of MIUI 14. This rumor says that MIUI 13.5 will not be there. Xiaomi can directly update its smartphone to MIUI 14 on August 16. This will be exactly 12 years after the first release of MIUI, and therefore we estimate that the MIUI 14 build will be launched on August 16.

Unfortunately, not yet, we did not find anything related to MIUI 14 on other apps. We thought they would release MIUI 13.5 as they did with MIUI 12.5.

MIUI 14 leaks


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