Xiaomi devices MIUI 15 first major update

MIUI 15 will be the last major update for these Xiaomi devices

Users are eagerly waiting to get their hands on the latest Android 14-based MIUI 15 software version and this new iteration is going to be the first major upgrade for some Xiaomi devices, and it could be the last for many. So let’s dive into the details and find out the device names that will not receive MIUI 16 or later versions.

Xiaomi has played a significant role in this competitive landscape. However, like all good things, the journey of major updates must come to an end for certain devices. MIUI 15 is set to be the last major update for a select group of Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices, marking a significant milestone in their lifecycle.

It’s worth mentioning that the Chinese tech firm has renewed its software support policy and is offering 4 major and 5 years of security patches for selected smartphones including Xiaomi 13T, Xiaomi 13T Pro, and the Redmi K60 Ultra (Extreme Edition). However, we could also expect the same treatment for more upcoming devices.

As technology progresses, device specifications and capabilities evolve. Newer hardware and software advancements require increasingly powerful devices to fully harness their potential. Unfortunately, older devices may not be able to keep up with the demands of the latest software updates.

This is why Xiaomi, like many other manufacturers, has made the decision to end major updates for certain devices after MIUI 15. Notably, Xiaomi has not officially disclosed the list of devices that will no longer receive major updates after MIUI 15. But it’s common practice in the smartphone industry to prioritize newer models and hardware with major updates.

This means that older devices, which may not meet the minimum hardware requirements or have completed their software support, will no longer receive further updates.

Below you can check the list of Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO devices that will receive MIUI 15 based on Android 14 as their last major update.

  • Xiaomi 11 Lite 4G
  • Xiaomi  11 Lite NE
  • Xiaomi  11 Lite 5G
  • Xiaomi 11 LE
  • Xiaomi 11X
  • Xiaomi 11X Pro
  • Redmi 10
  • Redmi 10 Prime
  • Poco C55
  • POCO C51
  • POCO M4
  • POCO X4 5G
  • POCO X5

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Xiaomi devices MIUI 15 first major update

MIUI 15 will be the last major update for these Xiaomi devices

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