Netflix and Zoom now available on Facebook Portal, also got new remote with one-touch buttons

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Facebook‘s Portal allows you to stay connected with friends, and family even when you’re moving around. Now the company is adding support for Netflix, Zoom on Portal to work remotely and connecting with friends, new shows in the Story Time library, and more.

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Netflix on Portal TV:

Portal TV already offers a range of video streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, SHOWTIME, and SLING TV. And now, you can enjoy all your favorite shows and movies on Netflix with Portal TV. However, you’ll require a Netflix streaming subscription to watch the streamings.

Netflix for Portal TV is available in all countries where the product is sold. To use it, open the Netflix app, log into your account, and select the content you want to watch.

Additionally, Portal also got a new remote that features one-touch buttons for Prime Video, Facebook Watch, and Netflix for easy switching.

Zoom on Portal: 

The addition of Zoom on Portal helps you to get more out of your meetings because it now includes a dedicated screen for your video calls and makes it easy to be present with your coworkers and frees up your laptop to take notes or multitask.

“Hey Portal” in Spanish:

“Hey Portal” voice control is now available in Spanish (US) in addition to English, with more languages coming in the future. You can also specify French, Spanish, Italian, and English for on-screen text on Portal.

Source: Facebook

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