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New Google Chrome 90 version comes with AV1 decoder and more

by RPRNA Group

Following the official version of Chrome 89 in early March, Google released the official version of Google Chrome 90. According to the plan, Chrome 91 will enter the beta phase of public testing on April 22, and the official version will be released on May 25.


There are three main changes in Chrome 90. One is to support a read-only clipboard, the other is the new AV1 decoder, and the third is to block HTTP port 554.

The AV1 video format comes from the Open Media Alliance led by Google and others and was born in June 2018. Open source and royalty-free are not only its advantages over H.265.

But it also gives a higher compression rate than H.265/264/VP9 under the same image quality that means that it can transmit higher-definition image quality under the same bandwidth.

As for the HTTP/HTTPS/FTP port 554, it is banned because it has been used by hackers for attacks. In fact, Google tried to disable the port before, but it was strongly opposed by corporate users.

This time it is blocked again, based on the 0.00003% ultra-low call rate derived from the Dev channel. It is recommended that Chrome users upgrade via online OTA, or download the installation package for free from the official website.

The AV1 format has been universally supported by the industry. In terms of hardware, Intel Tiger Lake 11th generation Core, AMD RX 6000 series support, and MediaTek Dimensity 1000 series/ TV chip MT9602 for mobile platforms.

RTX 30 series is also supported, it is worth mentioning that iQiyi is the first Chinses video website that supports the AV1 format.


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