New OnePlus Keyboard also making way to global Cloud 11 launch event

OnePlus Keyboard global launch

OnePlus is a well-known tech maker for its robust and standard-looking smartphones. The company has offered a variety of gadgets to its users and the consumer market. But for the first time, the manufacturer has initiated a unique OnePlus Keyboard that says to debut on February 7, at Cloud 11 global launch event.

Though it’s not a new hearing, it is quite surprising that the company generated such a product for consumers. So far, we heard that OnePlus is busy making a Mechanical Keyboard with the Keychron group. However, at that time, things were waiting for assurance.

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As of now, the company itself has dropped the images of the OnePlus Keyboard on the online social media platform and marked the global launch event as its release. Though there aren’t any major details about the device. But we have surfaced some tweaks that reflect how the keyboard will appear.

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Starting from the color options, the new Keyboard will highlight the main shades of the OnePlus on its keys, that is Red and White. Meanwhile, the overall body will cover itself in a gray tone. The entire device is wrapped in a metallic top case that has a gray plat, and clear-red switches.

OnePlus Keyboard global launch

On the flip side, the bottom slate has a white shade and tilted legs for the adjustment of the keyboard. The back part of the gadget contains a USB-C port and a knob for altering the settings of the keyboard in terms of wired or wireless functions.

OnePlus Keyboard global launch

The best part that we saw in the official video is the Alert Slider. Yes, even the OnePlus Keyboard has an alert slider to set the connectivity functions. Moreover, there is a giant unique button on the keyboard. Apart from these segments that we found in the official images and teaser, the rest of the things are under the hood. But we will soon grab the latest details on this matter.

OnePlus Keyboard global launch


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