New terms announced for Samsung Upgrade program by Samsung Russia

Just now, Samsung Russia announced the new terms of the Samsung Upgrade program, monthly payments have been reduced, and users have the opportunity to upgrade their smartphone after a year or two of using it.

The annual renewal terms have also been very profitable, users will be able to save 60% by paying only 40% of the cost of the smartphone when switching to another version after a year. If you use your smartphone for two years, the development benefit will be 25%.

The updated Samsung Upgrade terms apply to Smartphones of the Galaxy S21 and S20FE series, and are available throughout Russia, subject to smartphone order delivery. The terms of the program on sale remain the same, an annual subscription with a 50% profit when you update your smartphone.

By this Samsung Upgrade, you can use your smartphone, but don’t pay for all its costs at once. Instead, you need to pay monthly, as in the case of installments, but unless you have paid the full amount and do not wait for the expiry date.

Moreover, payments under the plan are 25% lower than when you choose to purchase installments for 24 months. For example, the monthly payment for Samsung Upgrade for Galaxy S21 will be RUB 2,343. and when you gradually buy 3,125 rubles. The Galaxy S20 FE will cost only 1,562 rubles.


In addition, the Samsung Care + 1 and 2-year service supplement plan is now available to users. This program allows you to repair your smartphone in the event of damage to one of Samsung’s authorized service centers throughout the country, using the first break components.

For 9990 rubles. (416 rubles per month) you can extend the warranty for 1 year and once you contact the service center to get a free screen or back panel replacement, plus 14,990 rubles. (625 rubles per month) – extend the 1 year warranty and change the screen or back panel twice.


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