[Official] Samsung Galaxy Over the Horizon 2022 ringtone is here

Samsung Galaxy S22

Created by Samsung, “Over the Horizon” has been one of the most considerable ringtones since 2011, having been the default ringtone for Galaxy devices. While smartphones become an important tool in daily life, ringtones have also made their presence felt in today’s modern world.

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For more than a decade, Samsung Electronics’ ringtone “Over the Horizon” has empowered consumers and musicians to keep their own unique spin in a classic tune. With every new variant of the Galaxy S series comes the opportunity for contemporary artists to remix the song, reflecting the current state of mind in an ever-changing world.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Over the Horizon 2022

With the latest Galaxy S22 flagship lineup launch, the company went even further. For the first time, “Over the Horizon” began with the animated film, combining the artistic expression of both a world-renowned musician and visual artist to capture the emotions of today.

The latest edition, the theme “New World”, breathes new life into the re-imagined post-pandemic world through jazztronica music and heartfelt illustrations. The Samsung Over the Horizon 2022 edition envisions a world that has evolved better. Combined with the new Galaxy S22 devices, this is a powerful message.

While the Galaxy S22 gives you the power and freedom to shape your world, the latest take on “Over the Horizon” motivates us to make that world even better.

You can hear the new Samsung Over the horizon 2022 ringtone below.


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