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[Update: Fixed]One UI 2.0 beta locking Galaxy S10 smartphones and you cannot unlock it, until…

by RPRNA Group


Samsung has spotted the issue and rolling out a new fix for the “Lockscreen malfunction issue” the update occurred below.

Samsung just releases an update for lock screen malfunction error (One UI 2.0 beta)

Original Story:

Samsung has recently started the One UI 2.0 beta program for the Galaxy S10 series. We also have a device (Galaxy S10+) running One UI 2.0 beta (ZSJF).

But there’s a big issue with the One UI 2.0 beta update and we want to share something important for you before you jump right into the One UI 2.0 beta program.

In our case, everything was going fine when I tested the One UI 2.0 beta for two days until yesterday, when I pick up the device (my device had scheduled restart at night, it asks for the PIN whenever it restarts), the device refused to accept the PIN (I was sure that I was entering the correct PIN).

I contacted Samsung support and told them everything, they took over the control on my device and suggested me to visit the local Samsung support center.

I searched over the web and was hoping – If there anyone else who’s facing the same issue (while using One UI 2.0 beta) but I didn’t find any. At a point, I was fully convinced that maybe I am trying the wrong PIN.

After this panicking series of steps, I finally, decided to try Factory Reset and it worked. (The good thing is I’ve had “Remote Unlock” ON, which helped me to unlock my smartphone and then I back up my important data but once you press the power/unlock button, the problem hits back).

The factory reset removed all of the previous security setting and lock configurations, as well wiped out my entire data to make the device as new as an entirely new unit.

Again, I tried to register a new lock method and registered a new PIN. However, I was stunned when the whole thing got screwed and then it was showing the same lock screen that wasn’t accepting my correct PIN.

Finally, I came with the decision to downgrade the current One UI 2.0/Android 10 back to One UI 1.1/Android 9 via Samsung Smart Switch application.

I installed Samsung Smart Switch on my PC and connected my device using the USB Type-C cable and then rolled back my device to Android 9.

It was a long day and at last, Galaxy S10+ finally head back to normal I can successfully set a new screen lock, and Biometrics (also restored my backup, everything went smooth) but the fun never stops and the final blow is about to come.

I restarted my device and voila it got stuck in a boot loop…

Well, I knew how to get out of this situation, as it happened with me earlier. I decided to once again wipe everything out from my device using “hard reset” and then the Galaxy S10+ returned to the normal status (Although, I’ve to setup and update my all apps once again).

If you don’t want to wipe your data, we recommend you to visit the official experience store or shop so that a technician can check it for you.

Now everything fine, and my device working fantastic. You can also enable Remote Unlock from the Settings > Biometrics and security > Find My Mobile menu on your device so you can use Find My Mobile to access it you run into the issue in the future.

I was not writing about this issue until I found this story on Sammobile, thanks for reporting the issue. Stay Safe!

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