Samsung One UI 3.1 enhances gaming experience on Galaxy device with Game Booster

Nowadays, companies are offering different software that is purely dedicated to gamers. Likewise, Samsung also offers a Game Booster with its Galaxy devices which comes with many tools that makes gaming more smooth and non-disturbing.

Smartphone gaming is now taking a lead in the industry as the devices nowadays are becoming more capable of handling complicated games with high-resolution graphics. Looking at the current trend, the OEMs are also offering many game-related features on their device for ease of gameplay.

Gaming does not only depend on the hardware of the device but the software is also responsible for smooth gameplay. The perfect combination of both these things can provide a better gaming experience.

Now coming to the Galaxy users, Samsung has recently pushed the One UI 3.1 update for the eligible devices which is a more improved version of the previous One UI 3.0. This latest update also brings some optimizations for Game Booster to provide users with a seamless gaming experience.

What Does Samsung Game Booster do?

While playing games, you can have a number of messages and incoming calls that may disturb you at some point, and also you can lose your focus. The Game Booster carries a number of options to get decrease these hurdles and then you can set priorities as per your requirements.

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Game Booster on Samsung devices blocks the full-screen UI of the incoming calls and messages and just shows a tiny toggle on the top to give you a glimpse. Also, there are setting within the app that the users can set as per their preferences. Here’s how to enable this functionality.

How to use Game Booster?

  • After opening the game, swipe up if you are in portrait mode or swipe left in the landscape mode.
  • Tap on the Game Booster icon
  • Tap Start
  • The function will be activated and you will be back in your game

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