OnePlus 9RT gives a flagship camera performance

There is specialization in the so-called tech industry, for many high-end mobile phones, performance is everything. All work is a concession to this. The camera part is often discarded for various reasons. Whether it is lens quality or parameter tuning, it is not satisfactory.

However, for the OnePlus 9RT, although it is a performance flagship, apart from the powerful performance, an excellent flagship camera experience is also essential.

OnePlus 9RT Camera

This time around, the main camera of the OnePlus 9RT uses the sensor IMX766 chosen by this year’s flagship mobile phone. Thanks to this super-large sensor at the main camera level, the OnePlus 9 RT series has an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and takes even more pictures.

Pure and clear, with significantly less noise. Especially in low-light environments, you can still take clear and pure night scene photos compared to the main camera. At the same time, OIS optical image stabilization is added, which brings an excellent image foundation.

OnePlus 9RT Camera

In a well-lit outdoor environment, the OnePlus 9RT can easily take a picture with accurate color reproduction, and the color of the picture taken with it is close to what the human eye can see, highlighting the authenticity.

The picture is transparent and the color is pleasing to the eye, whether it is the sky or the architectural details, it can be fully conveyed, and the details of the edge of the subject are clearly visible.

Autumn is a beautiful season. The sycamore leaves are falling, the autumn air is foggy, orange-yellow, and orange-green, and the wind blows away the wheat waves. “A good year must be remembered in a year” is this, “Autumn is gloomy and lonely since ancient times”, and autumn has also been a season described by many literary and ink writers since ancient times.

Time passes, and with the continuous development of technology, mobile phones have replaced pen and ink, using photographs to preserve the most beautiful moments and record the beauty of autumn.

OnePlus 9RT Camera

In the daytime, the OnePlus 9RT main camera has a good photo performance, can record clear details, the overall look and feel are also very delicate, the picture is relatively pure and rich in layers. Whether it is the details of the stones on the road in the park or the yellow leaves, the pieces are distinct and clear, with no fuzzy markings on the edges.

OnePlus 9RT Camera: Night Mode

Night scenes have always put the quality of the camera to the test. The accuracy of a good night scene picture is very important. This time, the OnePlus 9RT is equipped with the newly developed Nighthawk night scene algorithm, which amplifies the amount of light through OIS, and it is calculated by the algorithm.

Reduces noise, suppresses the highlighted part, and makes the whole more transparent. This set of algorithms gives a complete overview of the advantages of the IMX766 outsole in a night scene.

OnePlus 9RT Camera

Relying on the external console, the OnePlus 9RT achieves a good noise reduction ratio, so the night scene picture is pure and meets the basic requirements of a beautiful night scene. At the same time, there is no obvious glare, overexposure, and other problems in the picture, which is a good restoration of the night scene picture at that time.

Previously, the LightBox Board was awarded as the number one “killer” for mobile phone night shots. Overexposure and blurry glare left many mobile phones powerless. However, the Nighthawk night scene algorithm of the OnePlus 9RT solves these problems very well and makes the picture purer.

From the evidence, in a complex lighting environment, the OnePlus 9RT’s imaging is remarkable. There’s no overexposure, and the fonts on the Light Box board are clearly legible, and the brightness control is great too.

Looking at typical night scenes, the intricate color picture creates a sharp contrast with the neon glowing streets. The overall brightness of the picture is natural and the details are clear.

OnePlus 9RT Camera

The OnePlus 9RT has good control of light in the scene and noise in the picture, basically no obvious noise, and based on the high contrast between light and dark, it has good control of strong lighting, and there’s no obvious overexposure, the color display is also in line with the actual situation at that time, and the color of the scene at that time is restored very well.

The Night Scene mode adopted by the OnePlus 9RT is “Natural Reality”. The overall brightness of the picture is appropriate, without sacrificing realism for details. In a well-lit part, details are kept as safe as possible. The furnishings in the glass windows are also clearly visible from afar.

Apart from the normal shooting function, the OnePlus 9RT also has a strong macro shooting capability. From the evidence, the macro effect of the OnePlus 9RT performs well. The details of the fruit and the texture of the branches are both clearly visible. And the visual blurring is very natural, and the color and contrast of the evidence are also great, the key scenes are prominent, and there is a sense of hierarchy.

Under normal indoor light sources, the shooting capabilities of the OnePlus 9RT are beyond doubt, both in terms of the degree of detail and color reproduction. Under complex light sources, the machine can also control the accuracy of white balance, and the overall picture is very pure.

Moreover, in the short video era, the OnePlus 9RT has also upgraded its video shooting capabilities to follow the trend. Compared to traditional HDR, DOL-HDR, which has major video shooting capabilities, has shorter exposure times and better video shooting dynamic range and image quality. It also supports full-pixel Omni-directional focusing, OIS+EIS video dual anti-shake, video three-microphone tracking focus, and other functions, which fully meet the needs of users to shoot videos.

OnePlus 9RT Camera


As a performance machine, the OnePlus 9RT is no less in terms of camera performance, with the camera experience of a flagship machine. Thanks to supporting for the IMX766 sensor, the OnePlus 9RT has pure and clear imaging, and noise control is pretty good too.

Specifically, the new Nighthawk Night Scene algorithm, which solves the pain point of taking pictures at night. The high-definition main camera + excellent wide-angle + powerful night scenes make the OnePlus 9RT very competitive at the same price.


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