OnePlus 10 Pro OxygenOS 14 beta flaws

These OnePlus devices to join OxygenOS 14 beta program next month

OxygenOS 14 closed beta program has started running on the forum for flagship OnePlus devices. In the meantime, this internal testing would surely have raised questions in your minds about when your eligible handset will take part in this activity.

According to previous reports, OxygenOS 14 will land officially on the user platform at the OnePlus Open foldable launch event. However, the unexpected closed beta initiation has amazed and put forth confusion regarding the company’s next move.

Don’t worry! We’ll keep you posted with the latest inputs on this matter.

Coming to the main topic! After OnePlus 11, the company picked the Nord 3 handset for testing the next OxygenOS version. While we have been expecting that the 11R model will be next in this sequence, the tech giant once again surprises its users by choosing a device from the Nord lineup.

Of course, Nord 3 is the newly launched handset with flagship qualities. Yet, many of us were in another anticipation. Although this has given a slight idea of how the company will proceed ahead. Probably, the tech maker is selecting top-end models which ultimately points out that OnePlus 10 Pro could be next in this queue.

Yes! Even after several high-fy launches, OnePlus continued to treat the 10th series as a priority. Hence, we can expect the same treatment in this concept as well. And let’s not forget, the manufacturer initiated the 13.1 version rollout with OnePlus 10 series.

Thus, it won’t be wrong for OnePlus 10 Pro users to expect themselves next in this queue. Meanwhile, the below-given devices may also get the chance to join the beta program in the next month:

  1. OnePlus 10R
  2. OnePlus 10T
  3. OnePlus 11R

The confirmation plan remains up in the air. By that time, you can share your thoughts in the comment section and predict – which of the OnePlus devices will be the next to join the OxygenOS 14 closed beta program.

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OnePlus devices OxygenOS 14 beta program

These OnePlus devices to join OxygenOS 14 beta program next month

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