OnePlus has 49% of overall 16GB RAM market: President

OnePlus 16GB RAM market

OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition launched with a unique design and 16GB RAM in the consumer market. However, something more interesting than the release is the constant progress and growth rates of the company as a powerful brand.

The latest conversation came to light during the OnePlus 11 Jupiter Edition release conference. Herein, the OnePlus China President – Li JieLouis affirmed that the company has successfully secured 49% of the overall 16GB RAM-based smartphone market.

On the side hand, the chief said that OnePlus is dedicated and working on a ‘making good products’ strategy since the product itself runs as the most powerful force in the market.

Defining the term, the tech giant said that a good product reflects efficient performance, attractive design, as well as a true flagship experience. Eventually, the company obtained these qualities with the latest OnePlus handsets.

Adding more to the 16GB RAM matter, Li said that all three top-end models of this year – the OnePlus 11, the OnePlus Ace 2, and the OnePlus Ace 2V have achieved huge success. Users have mostly favored and purchased the 16GB RAM variant of the mentioned devices.

OnePlus 16GB RAM market

This favorable condition has resulted in an increment of 293% in year-on-year sale progress, which made OnePlus the fastest-growing mobile phone brand so far in 2023. The company has accounted for 49% of the online sales of 16GB variants phones.

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Meaningful Changes:

Excluding the fruit-bearing outcomes, the company also explained how it has stepped towards advancement and popularization in recent times.

  • OnePlus directly ditched the 8GB memory version and brought 16GB RAM to implement.
  • OnePlus initiated texture and design improvement. Besides, it removed the plastic bracket in the newly launched Ace series with the flagship back cover.
  • OnePlus also developed memory gene recombination, game cloud computing private network, and superframe game engine to uplift smartphone and gaming experience among users.

Thus, OnePlus is pacing ahead in the technology world with better changes and implementations. We hope that these alterations become incredible with the passage of time.

OnePlus 16GB RAM market


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