OnePlus phone charging OxygenOS

OnePlus explains why phone charging slows down after OxygenOS update

OnePlus phone owners often complain about slow charging after installing any OxygenOS update. However, the tech giant concerns about its users’ botherations and responded on this matter. In addition, the company showed up a few useful tips that could help in maintaining the battery life.

As usual, OnePlus is back with its monthly FAQ round for its users, and this time, the main focus is on the slow charging of the phone with OxygenOS updates. Accordingly, the OnePlus moderator said that the charging speed mainly depends on device usage, charging conditions, and other factors.

These points play a significant role in the charging capabilities of the device. Hence, it is important to look after the conditions. On the flip side, the mediator cited some reasons that could be a huge restriction between efficient charging. Perhaps, users should follow these below-given notes.

OnePlus phone charging OxygenOS

Try to avoid charging when the battery is used up because the time required to activate the cells in the early stage is relatively long. Also, do not use your phone while charging as the frequent switch on and off process raises the internal temperature of the battery, resulting in a decline in power consumption.

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One should use an adequate environment to charge the device. It is so because the activity of lithium batteries will deteriorate in high and low temperatures. Eventually, it results in slow energy transfer.

  • It is recommended to charge the phone when it prompts a low battery.
  • Charge your handset in standby mode.
  • It is better to charge the device at a moderate temperature of surroundings (Around 15-35 degrees indoors).
  • Unplugging the charger as soon as possible after the phone is fully charged will help in extending the battery life.

OnePlus phone charging OxygenOS

OnePlus explains why phone charging slows down after OxygenOS update

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