OnePlus really needs to improve App Drawer with OxygenOS 14: Users

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 App Drawer

OnePlus is busy with its upcoming gadgets nowadays. However, the manufacturer is constantly looking at software projects and is accordingly taking surveys as well. Besides, users are suggesting that with OnePlus should improve many aspects with OxygenOS 14, and one of them is App Drawer.

App Drawer – a very common yet useful feature of smartphones. The element in your handsets shows all the applications installed on the device in one place. It’s a kind of app menu that represents the applications through their icons or lists them in a lined format.

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Recently, when the company held a survey asking for feedback on efficient changes for AOD and Shelf, some users said that OnePlus should make improvements in the App Drawer with the OxygenOS 14 software upgrade.

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Particularly, a user said that it’s high time to simultaneously conduct a survey for the user’s experience with App Drawer. It is something that is more important than the AOD (Always on Display) and Shelf features in the device.

“Ask the OneLab Team or anyone from the OxygenOS team to focus more on the App Drawer closing animation and the feel of it, more than the AOD and not-so-important Shelf.”

OnePlus OxygenOS 14 App Drawer

Describing the issue with the OOS 13 app drawer, the user said that it’s quite annoying to swipe the two or three times the app drawer for closing it. Though he appreciated the return of the App Edit Icon but mentioned that the company should give revamp the App Drawer with the next upgrades.

On the flip side, another consumer said that they miss the old but original App Drawer with a 5 x 5 layout, and would like to see a few more positive changes in this segment with the 14th version.

Do you also feel the same about the OxygenOS 13 App Drawer and want some enhancements? If yes, what specific change would you like to see? Let us know in the comment section.

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