OnePlus renamed Game Space to ‘OnePlus Games’

Modern smartphones are capable and sophisticated, we rely on them daily to perform various tasks. One of the most favorite things we can do with our smartphones is playing games. Gaming is a hobby that everyone can enjoy whether it is a single play or a lobby with friends or family.

Every OnePlus user may have known about the ‘OnePlus Game Space‘, the company has now changed its name to ‘OnePlus Games’. The new OnePlus games app brings you a supercharge gaming experience.


OnePlus Games comes with a set of tools created to increase your gaming experience. It provides you a lot of new features so that you can have more interest and excitement in playing games.

Here’s what’s new with OnePlus Games:

  • New Explore the page to browse gaming content (India Only)
  • Gaming Tools
  • Mistouch prevention

It could be so annoying when a notification or an accidental touch messes up the whole match, but now with improved mis-touch prevention and notification control, you can rest assured a message or call won’t interrupt your intense gaming sessions.

OnePlus Games offers you gaming statistics and data, with which you can check out your most played games, along with the time you’ve spent on them. Now with all your games stored in the app, you can check out all the analytics of your gaming sessions.

The new OnePlus Games also adds the screen recorder and floating window. Now there’s no need to take screenshots of your amazing scores.

You can also download the new OnePlus Games from Google PlayStore.

OnePlus Games – Download 

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