OxygenOS 13 Omoji feature: an interesting alternative to Apple Memoji Avatars

OxygenOS 13 Omoji feature: an interesting alternative to Apple Memoji Avatars

OxygenOS 13 has been the most awaited upgrade among OnePlus phone users. The firmware appears with a cluster of new features that are enough to surprise the users and offer them an ultimate experience like never before. And one such interesting element is the OxygenOS 13 Omoji feature that we will discuss today.

No, it’s not about how to access the feature or what the feature will bring you to the surface. This is about how OnePlus has started speeding up in the smartphone market and can easily give a tough fight to the high-end tech makers like Apple, the Android maker – Google, Samsung, and other smartphone manufacturers.

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To begin with, Bitmoji and stickers are trendy topics when it comes to the unique features of smartphones. It not only provides leads to an attractive impression but also makes your chat and communication experience more fun.

In recent times, we have come across several operating systems that offer Bitmoji features. The theory started with Apple’s Bitmoji Avatar. The American tech giant launched and introduced the feature named Animoji in 2017 with iPhone X. Thereafter, Android followed in Apple’s footsteps and unveiled Memoji in 2018 with a personalized 3D avatar.

However, OxygenOS 13 Omoji feature has added new hype to the bitmoji experience. How is it different? Well, it offers a handful of build-up bitmoji to your smartphone. You can simply select and apply them on the front screen display (AOD). Every time, you tap on your OnePlus phone, you will see an animated character which is good enough to add a smile to your face.

OxygenOS 13 Omoji feature: an interesting alternative to Apple Memoji AvatarsIn case you want a more innovative avatar, then you have the choice to create one for yourself. And the best part is, OxygenOS 13 gives you the option to create a fully animated avatar using the Omoji element. On the flip side, you also get a huge list of styles and accessories to lay out your bitmoji accordingly.

For now, the Omoji feature is only accessible to the Always on Display glance. Unlike Apple, the Omoji feature is not applicable to chat applications. However, we hope that the company will lead this feature for video calling and text messaging in the time ahead.

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