PUBG Mobile 1.3 update with Black Zone and Demolition Zone will be available soon

PUBG Mobile developers have already launched PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 beta version to test the new features before adding them to the final global release of PUBG Mobile games.

According to the latest information, the next update of PUBG Mobile 1.3 will brings the demolition zone including some new features, weapons, and more. In fact, this Demolition Zone is commonly referred to as the Black Zone in the PC version.

PUBG Corporation has also announced that all updates to the PUBG Mobile 1.3 Patch Note will be based on the PUBG PC game. In the coming days, users will be able to see some of the features and weapons of the PUBG PC game and on PUBG Mobile‌.

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PUBG Mobile 1.3 patch note:

  • Karakin Map
  • Demolition Zone
  • Game Mode
  • New Sniper Rifle
  • New Vehicle

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map

PUBG Mobile Karakin Map is the first 2×2 maps to appear in the PUBG game‌, so this is the update that most PUBG fans have been waiting for.

We all know that PUBG Mobile introduced Livik Map in its previous update, and now PUBG Mobile introduces Karakin Map (Karakin is the smallest map originally released on PUBG PC). Similar to that Karakin map, it has its own features which not found on other maps, and the other one is the Demolition Zone.

PUBG Mobile Demolition Zone 

In this PUBG Mobile Patch Note 1.3, the Black Zone of the PUBG PC is called the Demolition Zone, which drops random bombs within the zone.

The Demolition Zone is equal to the Red Zone. The only difference is that the Demolition Zone only targets buildings and is marked with a purple-colored circle on the map and alarm sounds indicating that you need to get out of the building quickly.

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