PUBG Mobile bans over 1.2 million accounts for this reason

Since its release, the PUBG Mobile game has been dealing with cheats, hacking, and mods. The company has been in the headlines for some time after its parent company Tencent (a Chinese multinational technology compliment) announced to permanently discontinued 1.2 million accounts between January 8 to 14.

Tencent announced publicly on Twitter, naming it “Ban Pan”. According to the statement, this time the ban on accounts will be permanent, as many accounts have been found using hacks and mods for their accounts. For example, 22% of people are prevented from using “X-ray Vision” to see enemies through the walls of multiple accounts.

And, about 48% of people are prohibited from using auto-target hacks that give players a competitive advantage by morphing their game characters into cosmetics not included in the game. Among other hacks, speed hacks were banned by 12% and increased by 7% to increase damage area.

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These are the accounts that are banned permanently:

  • Bronze: 38%
  • Silver: 11%
  • Gold: 9%
  • Platinum: 11%
  • Diamond: 12%
  • Crown: 10%
  • Ace: 6%
  • Conqueror: 3%

While it is surprising that PUBG Mobile has suspended more than 1.2 million accounts, the game has over 600 million players worldwide. Thus, 1.2 million is only 0.2% of its total players.

PUBG Mobile game developers claim that they have always ignored these situations of players using unfair ways to defeat their opponents, but they hope that things will be resolved when players get more items. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so the company decided to permanently ban those accounts using unfair means to win the game.

Game developers have announced a 10-year ban on those accounts, which will be found to violate PUBG mobile gaming eligibility.

The game includes a revised “in-game reporting system” that allows the individual player to report any unfair ways to the responsible authority and take immediate action on the alleged account.

Tencent has previously banned certain devices from running the game after it was reported to be using unfair winning tactics. However, it is not known whether this new ban notice will include a device ban.

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