QR code scanning becomes more convenient with Android 13

Android 13 QR code

Android 13 is the latest and unique software of Google. It offers a bunch of new features and one of the advanced offerings of Android 13 is the in-built QR code scanner.

A QR code scanner is used to read the QR codes. Nowadays, you will find these codes everywhere and they have become a crucial part of our lives. In fact, more and more people rely on QR codes as they are faster than anything else.

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We are widely using it to pay our bills whether we are at a restaurant or at the store. Paying bills has become easier. All we have to do is simply open the QR code scanner app and scan the code and make payments. But now Google has made it more easier to scan and pay the bills.

There are plenty of QR scanning apps available in the Google Play Store. Previously, users have to install a third-party app to read the codes. Also, you need to open up the camera app to decode the information.

But, Google has now solved the problem and made it more convenient to scan codes anywhere without using any additional apps.

In Android 13 software the QR code scanner is present at the Quick Settings tile. Now you just have to scroll down the Quick Settings on your phone, tap on the scanner and get the scanning done. No third-party app is needed.

Furthermore, the code can be scanned even from the lock screen. All you need to do is add a shortcut on the lock screen and have the benefit of smoother and quick scanning. Also, it will now inform you about the malicious codes.

This feature is already available for the Google Pixel phones while the other smartphones will soon get to experience this agile feature.

Android 13 QR code

You can experience this feature as soon as Android 13 will be available for your device. Moreover, you will surely appreciate this built-in QR code scanner.

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