Qualcomm announced new IoT solutions to power digital signage and more

As we know Qualcomm is one of the leading manufacturers of chips globally. It produces processors for various smart devices including smartphones which we use in our daily lifestyle.

According to the latest info, the American chipset company has announced next-gen IoT solutions to power digital signage, industrial handhelds, and more.

The new IoT solutions are made for a variety of applications, featuring cutting-edge technologies and designs including healthcare, digital signage, industrial handhelds, and more.

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As per the info, Qualcomm announced seven new products in which QCS8250 is designed for digital signage, connected healthcare, retail, and video applications for collaboration.

It comes with the company’s AI Engine, Kryo 585 CPU architecture, and an ISP supporting up to 7 cameras running concurrently while shooting 4K videos at 120 frames per second.

For connected healthcare, logistics management, retail, warehousing, and transportation, Qualcomm launched QCM6490 and QCS6490.

These two silicons will provide 5G connectivity worldwide and optimized to deliver lightning-fast Wi-Fi 6E for high-tier IoT-enabled devices.

While QCM4290 and QCS4290 are developed for IoT applications such as industrial handhelds, security panels, and cameras.

However, these two haveĀ  Kryo260 CPU and 3rd generation Qualcomm AI Engine, which ensures dynamic camera capabilities, powerful performance, and broad connectivity options.

With Cortex A53 CPU architecture, Qualcomm QCM2290 and QCS2290 are designed for camera applications, industrial handhelds, retail, and tracking.

These are cost-effective solutions with greater performance including higher graphics capabilities, as an entry-level platform.

Lastly, Qualcomm QCM2290, QCS2290, QCM4290, QCS4290, QCS8250 solutions are currently available, but the Qualcomm QCM6490 and QCS6490 solutions expectedly to be available in the second half of 2021.

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