Razer launched THX Onyx portable decoding amp, starting at 244.14 USD

by RPRNA Group

On April 8 Razer officially launched the THX Onyx portable decoding amp. This linear decoder is the first of its kind to be equipped with the headphone amplifier chip of THX ltd., the model is THX AAA-78, to ensure a lossless and pure sound quality.

The built-in THX AAA lossless audio amplifier chip of Razer’s product supports high-impedance earphones with fever, which provides great dynamic range and thrust while ensuring decreased distortion.


This product supports earphone impedance range 22-1000Ω, output impedance 0.25Ω, dynamic range up to 118dB, output power per channel up to 180mW @ 22Ω, and distortion THD+N as low as -112 dB under standard conditions.

By looking at the decoding, the product is furnished with the ES9281PRO DAC chip, supports DSDY and MQA decoding, and can display the current audio format through the indicator.

THX Onyx supports Apple, Android, Win10, Mac, and other devices, and is compatible with 3.5mm wire-controlled headsets, but Apple’s iOS devices do not support microphones and wire-controlled. This decoding amp is currently on sale in China at a price of 1599 yuan (244.14 USD).


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