Realme shares new software update policy, new phones will get monthly updates

Realme recently released an announcement in the community. In response to the system update issues that users are generally concerned about, the update rules of the Realme UI system are described here.

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The specific rules are as follows:

  1. Models within 6 months of the market: the specific content is mainly based on functional optimization, updated once a month
  2. Models that have been on the market for more than 6 months: update the content for system security and stability, update once every two months
  3. The maintenance period for all models is 2 years


Realme UI major version update will be notified separately and will be announced at the node before and after the release of the Google AOSP major version.

Judging from the products currently released by Realme, among the GT, Q, V, and X series listed on the official website, the GT and V series will launch new devices in the second half of the year. The Q series will be released next month, and the X series will be used by Realme.

Currently, the latest version of Realme UI is version 2.0. Realme UI 3.0 announced that it will be launched in October and is expected to be based on Android 12.

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