Realme X gets the latest security update with Realme Link app in China

Realme is rolling out a new software update for the Realme X users in China. The latest update brings the June as well as July 2020 security patch along with some important improvements and fixes.

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It adds the Realme Link application, sticky note, and more function. This update also optimizes the screen recording function, smooth sliding function, UI layout, and system. It also fixes many issues related to Bluetooth search, Game space, Dark mode, software storage, and many more.

The software version of this update for Realme X is C.12 and it is expected to be expanded to all users within a week.

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Realme X Changelog:


  •  Added realme Link   


  • Added Bluetooth headset (Air and Neo) pop-up function (this function can only be used with realme headsets, and the headset firmware needs to be updated with the realme Link application before it can be used)
  •  Fix the problem of returning to the previous layer during Bluetooth search, the interface shows that no Bluetooth device was found

Game space

  • Added the function of displaying barrage messages in games
  •  Fixed the issue that the low probability call did not take effect after the game space blocked the notification
  • Fix the problem of abnormal function status after uninstalling the game space


  • Added the function of interacting with contacts in the calendar
  •  Optimize UI layout


  •  Added recording to text function

Sticky note

  •  Added the function of encrypting notes
  •  Added note to-do function

Realme laboratory

  • Added night super standby, optimize the problem of night standby power down quickly
  • Optimize the smooth sliding screen function

Screen recording

  • Optimize screen recording function


  • Optimized the method of judging floating windows and privileged applications, and fixed the problem that the low probability of clicking QQ login in the game of King Glory does not exit the game mode
  •  Fixed the issue of not being sensitive when clicking the back button when exiting the children’s space
  • Fixed the problem that when the full-screen display dialog box is opened in the dark mode and the bright mode is switched, there is a probability abnormality


  • Fix the problem of low probability of stuck audio file when adding information

Software store

  • Fix the problem that the software store fails to load data with low probability

The internet

  • Fix the problem of low probability of unable to use cloud service under mobile network


  • Fix the problem of low probability of battery jump when charging


  •  Update Android security patch (2020#6/2020#7)


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