Russia demands large tech companies to set up local offices by 2022


According to information, the Russian government has determined that a group of foreign companies, including Apple, must open physical branches in the country before the end of 2021, otherwise, they will face sanctions and possible injunctions.

As per Reuters, Russia’s national communications regulator Roskomnadzor issued a request on Monday asking that 13 foreign companies officially enter Russian territory by the end of 2021. If these companies do not follow the rules, they will face sanctions or outright bans.


It is enlisted mainly made up of US technology companies, such as Apple, Alphabet’s Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Other companies on the list include TikTok and encrypted messaging company Telegram. As of July 1, Russia had a new law requiring social media giants with more than 500,000 users to open offices in Russia.

Meanwhile, it is not yet clear what kind of representation or existence the new law provides. Failure to comply with the law may result in advertising, data collection, or transmission restrictions, and may be banned altogether.

RussianRussia has fined companies that refuse to remove content it considers illegal. As far as Apple is concerned, it faces allegations of antitrust in Russia. It has taken measures to promote its technology for products in other countries. In early 2021, Russia began requiring domestically produced software to be pre-installed on new smartphones sold in its territory.

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