Samsung 2021 QLED TV sales reached more than 10,000 units in South Korea

Samsung said on April 26, 2021, that the sales of QLED TVs in South Korea in 2021 have exceeded 10,000 units. Unexpectedly, the company has achieved great success in the sales of these high-end TVs within just two months of its official release. In addition, due to the trend of staying at home, Samsung expects sales of its high-end TVs to increase.

Samsung is the world’s largest TV manufacturer. Its new QLED TV launched in South Korea on March 3 achieved a milestone achievement, twice that of its predecessor. At the same time, between March 3 and April 23, the total sales of local QLED TVs were approximately 40,000 units.

Neo QLED TVs are equipped with quantum mini LEDs, which are estimated to account for half of Samsung’s QLED TV sales in Korea in 2021. The company also added that so far, 75-inch or larger models accounted for 75% of its domestic QLED TV sales.

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In addition, the South Korean technology giant has also carried out various marketing activities in its home country to promote its TV sales. These activities include a trade-in program, which allows consumers to trade old TVs and receive discounts of up to 1 million won ($895) for Neo QLED 8K TVs.

On the other hand, according to Omdia’s report, Samsung had a 31.9% share in the global TV market last year. The company is said to be expanding its leading position in the global TV market for the 15th consecutive year. The report also hinted that Samsung’s QLED TV sales may exceed 12 million units this year.


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