Samsung successfully combines 4G LTE and 5G mmWave, reaching 5.23Gbps record breaking speed

Samsung has recently announced that it has achieved success in one of the experiments that the company has been carrying out. The South Korean tech giant has been using E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC) technology using which the mobile operators can boost 5G speeds and also take advantage of the 4G network at the same time. This way the company announced it break a record in 5G data speeds.

In Samsung’s lab in Korea, the experiment was carried out in which the company used its end-to-end solutions settle of devices and network products. They combined 40MHz of 4G frequency and 800MHz of 5G frequency in mmWave, to achieved 5.23Gbps speed.

EN-DC technology was used to combine 4G and 5G to take the advantage of both networks for achieving higher data speed. This way company includes the Samsung Galaxy S20+ smartphone, 4G radios, 5G radios Compact Macro, and 4G/5G common Core which gives a blueprint for the benefits of 5G services.

Samsung official said through this demonstration the company using a dual 4G and 5G spectrum and achieved another milestone in 5G data speed. It is helpful for our customers and mobile operators to get more facilities of 5G services. By getting data speeds of 5.23Gbps, the company proved that it always keeps working on the latest technology.

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In 2018, Samsung used the first multi-gigabit 5G New Radio data connections with speeds of more than 1.7Gbps. Next, Year the company made another record reaching data speeds of 2.65Gbps. In 2020 it got a speed of 4.3Gbps. This shows the company’s commitment towards advancement, now in 2021 it achieved a record of  5.23Gbps.

“Mobile operators need to make the most of their finite spectrum assets in order to ensure user experiences that deliver the full value of 5G,” remarked Ed Gubbins, Principal Analyst at GlobalData. “This achievement showcases Samsung’s distinguishing ability to leverage an end-to-end portfolio and broad expertise that spans core, RAN and devices to help operators maximize the return on their 5G investments.”

The company continuously keeps working on providing AI-powered automation tools and also give fully virtualized RAN and Core to private network solutions. Today the company provides connectivity to hundreds of millions of users around the Globe.

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