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Samsung promises a contribution of US$5 million to India’s fight against COVID-19

by Ashish

Samsung has announced that it will contribute a sum of 5 million U.S. dollars (370 million Indian rupees) as its contribution to India’s fight against the current Covid-19 surge, donating to the central and state governments, and providing the healthcare sector with the medical equipment necessary for hospitals. This is Part of Samsung’s citizenship initiative.

These decisions were made after thorough consultations with various stakeholders in India and assessment of the urgent needs of the local administration. Samsung will donate US$3 million to the center and the states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

In addition, to help expand the medical system in the past few weeks, Samsung will provide $2 million worth of medical supplies, including 100 oxygen concentrators, 3,000 oxygen cylinders, and 1 million LDS syringes. These will be provided to Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

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LDS or Low Dead Space syringes can minimize the amount of medicine left in the device after injection, thereby optimizing the use of vaccines. After use, a large amount of vaccine will remain in the syringe of the existing product.

The technology has shown the efficiency of up to 20%. If the existing syringe is to deliver one million doses, the LDS syringe can deliver 1.2 million doses with the same number of vaccines. Samsung helped the manufacturers of these syringes increase their production capacity.

In addition, as part of the “employee plan”, Samsung will pay for the vaccination costs of more than 50,000 qualified employees and beneficiaries in India, with the aim of protecting their lives when vaccine doses are available. This will also include all Samsung experienced consultants working in electronic retail stores across the country.

At Samsung, the health, safety, and well-being of employees is our absolute priority. To help employees and their families understand information and obtain medical supplies, as well as hospital facilities and home care, we have established internal facilities and teams across the country.

In April 2020, Samsung donated 200 million Indian rupees to India’s fight against the pandemic. This includes donations to the central government and support to the local administration of Noida, where Noida provided hospitals with the necessary medical equipment to prevent the pandemic, such as thousands of gas masks and personal protective equipment (PPE) kits.

Samsung pays tribute to all professionals who work tirelessly on this front. The Samsung family, including our employees in India and our partners and their employees, stand together in the battle against Covid-19.

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