Samsung Display shipped 86.3 million mobile OLED panels in Q3 2022, retains first place

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According to a report by market research firm Stone Partners, mobile OLED panel shipments in the third quarter were 137.2 million units, down 18.6% year-on-year. According to the report, Samsung Display (SDC) had a market share of 62.9% in the mobile phone OLED panel market in the third quarter.

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Samsung Display shipped 86.3 million mobile OLED panels during the period, retaining the No. 1 position, but its market share fell 5.9 percentage points from 68.8 percent in the previous quarter and fell more than 5.9 percentage points from 73.8 percent a year earlier 10%.

Samsung Display mobile OLED panels Q3 2022In this regard, Stone Partners explained that the sharp decline in its rigid OLED panel shipments has led to a decline in the overall proportion. BOE ranked second, shipping 21 million mobile OLED panels during this period, with a market share of 15.3%. The company has significantly increased its market share by supplying panels for Apple’s iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. BOE’s market share was 11.3% in the previous quarter and 9.9% in the third quarter of last year.

Visionox’s market share also increased significantly. During this period, the company shipped 10 million mobile OLED panels, accounting for 7.3%. Visionox’s market share was 6.9% in the last quarter and 3.8% in the third quarter of last year.

LG Display came in fourth with a total of 7.3 million panels shipped and a market share of 5.3%. LG Display’s market share increased slightly from the previous quarter (5.2%) but declined compared to the same period last year (6.1%). Stone Partners explained that LG Display is directly affected by changes in Apple’s demand because of its heavy reliance on Apple.

In addition, Hehui Optoelectronics ranked fifth with a share of 4.0%, and CSOT ranked sixth with a share of 3.2%. Tianma ranked 7th and shipped a total of 2.9 million panels with a market share of 2.1%. In the third quarter of this year, the market shares of Hehui Optoelectronics, Huaxing Optoelectronics, and Tianma all increased from the previous quarter and the same period last year.


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