Samsung Display will expand UTG line next year: Korean media

The latest report from Korean media TheElec claims that Samsung Display is expected to expand its foldable OLED module product line next year, and its subsidiary Douinsys will expand its UTG product line next year. That’s because OLED deployments in line with Samsung Display will double in the coming year.


According to prediction, Samsung Display will ship 8.1 million OLED rolling units this year and 18 million units next year. If Samsung Display produces 8.1 million OLED rollable phones this year, the highest shipment volume of Samsung’s new phones (Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3) will be a low 7 million units.

Analyzing the production yield rate of 80% to 90% when integrating the product, the number of adjustable terminals can range from 6.5 million to 7.3 million folding panels to make 8.1 million.

If Samsung’s foldable OLED exports increase to 18 million units next year, Samsung’s new foldable mobile phone output could reach 14-16 million units. The Chinese smartphone makers have also gotten compact OLEDs on Samsung Display, but it’s still relatively small compared to Samsung.

It is estimated that by 2025, global collaborative OLED exports will increase from 8.9 million units this year to 49 million units. As of this year, Samsung Display (8.1 million units) has a very high market share, reaching 91%.

CSOT also plans to ship foldable OLED panels in China, but the price isn’t significant compared to Samsung Display. A UBI Research predicted that it will take time for Chinese panel makers to ship more than 10 million foldable OLEDs each year.


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