CES 2021: Samsung explains ‘Upcycling at Home’ to reuse old Galaxy phones as baby monitors or safety devices

At the CES 2021, Samsung introduced its strategy for future technologies for a better normal. The company has ended its press conference by sharing more visions for how technology can enable progress and create a better tomorrow for all.

Samsung thinks that a sustainable future requires investments across a broad spectrum. That’s why Samsung is focused on three key areas: sustainability, education, and accessibility, which are assured to benefit the most from technological innovation.

“With a focus on the environment, people, and society, we will continue to provide our consumers with responsible tools and technologies to address our challenges today and enable a better future for all.” – Said Sandeep Rana, Senior Manager, Environmental Sustainability Specialist at Samsung.

Samsung committed to creating a circular economy:

  • Galaxy Upcycling at Home:

The Galaxy Upcycling at Home program reimagines the lifecycle of an older Galaxy phone and offers consumers options on how they might be able to repurpose their device to create a variety of convenient IoT (Internet of Things) tools.

This program lets users use their older phones again for Samsung Knox baby monitors or safety devices. By putting an old Samsung mobile in the baby room, it will send notifications to the user when the baby cries.

Samsung also stated that it is planning to release new software updates to the older devices, but the company hasn’t detailed anymore except for this. Besides, Samsung has not shared anything about when the Galaxy Upcycling at Home will be launched.

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  • TV Eco Packaging:

Following the ongoing commitment to eco-awareness, Samsung is creating products and solutions with sustainability at the core. Just like, the company’s new Solar Cell Remote which is made with recycled plastic can be charged through sunlight or indoor lighting which reduces the waste of batteries.

Lastly, understanding how challenging it can be to strike a balance between our digital and analog lives, Samsung presented the Digital Wellbeing feature, designed to help people take control and manage their digital time, so they can use technology to better their lives and empower themselves.

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