AMD confirms next Samsung Exynos SoC with AMD RDNA2 GPU coming later this year

As early as 2019, Samsung announced a partnership with AMD to use custom graphics IP based on AMD’s highly scalable RDNA graphics architecture. Today at COMPUTEX 2021, AMD revealed that the first product built on this partnership will be launched this year.

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board Daily, AMD CEO Su Zifeng said today that the company has cooperated with industry leaders Tesla and Samsung to expand the application of AMD’s computing and graphics technology in the automotive and mobile phone markets.

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Ryzen embedded APU and GPU based on AMD RDNA 2 architecture will be used in the infotainment system of Tesla Model S and Model X cars. For Samsung mobile phones, AMD is cooperating with Samsung to develop a new generation of Exynos SoC, using custom graphics IP based on AMD RDNA 2 architecture to introduce ray tracing and variable rate rendering functions into flagship phones.

Su Zifeng also announced that Samsung will share more details about this new 5G chipset “later this year”, which means that Samsung may officially launch the successor product of Exynos 2100 within the year, which is expected to run in the first half of 2022. In the launch of the Galaxy S series flagship smartphones.

Samsung also confirmed earlier that its next flagship Exynos chip, the successor to Exynos 2100, will be equipped with AMD mobile GPUs. There are also rumors that the Exynos 2200 chip equipped with AMD GPU may appear on notebook computers as early as this year.

Su Zifeng also said today that AMD has worked closely with TSMC to develop industry-leading 3D chipset technology, and will begin production of future high-end computing products using 3D chipset technology by the end of this year.

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