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Samsung family took four spots in South Korea’s richest person list

by Ashish

After the Samsung family went through the inheritance process, the ranking of the heads of major Korean corporate groups has undergone significant changes. The company’s vice chairman Lee Jae-y has become the richest man in South Korea.

At the same time, CXO Institute reported that Lee-Kun Hee’s wife and two daughters ranked second, third, and fourth, respectively, while Kim Beom-su, founder of Kakao Corp and head of South Korea’s top mobile communications operator, fell to fifth.

As of Friday, Lee Kuan Yew’s total stock value was 15.62 trillion won (US$14 billion), the largest of the 90 family members of the country’s 60 major family-controlled corporate groups, an increase of more than 7 trillion from a month ago. won.

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Lee-Kun Hee’s widow, Hong Ra-hee’s stock market value increased to 114,319 trillion U.S. dollars, ranking second. In addition, the third and fourth-largest stock market billionaires are the daughter of Li Jianxi. The stock market value of Li Baojin, the president of Shilla Hotel, and Seo Hyun, the chairman of Samsung Welfare Foundation, is 7.78 trillion and 7.21 trillion won, respectively.

Researchers pointed out that Samsung’s four family members have a stock market value of more than 42 trillion won, which is comparable to Hyundai Motor Group. In terms of market value, it ranks as the eighth largest company in South Korea.

Kakao board chairman Kim Beom-su (Kim Beom-su) is the fifth richest person on the South Korean stock market, with a market value of more than 6.7106 trillion won. The chairman of Hyundai Motor Group Zheng Yishan ranked sixth with a value of 5.6 trillion won.


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