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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G costs 7% less than its predecessor: Counterpoint

by Ashish

The Galaxy S21 series is Samsung’s latest flagship product launched in January. This is an advanced smartphone series that provides top-level hardware and top-notch hardware and software including an Exynos 2100 / Snapdragon 888 processor, a UI 3.1 on top of Android 11 OS, iconic camera functions, etc.

However, in terms of manufacturing, the cost of the top device in the series, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, is 7% lower than its predecessor. Now to prove this fact, what has surfaced in the Counterpoint research is a new analysis that claims that Samsung has an optimized cost structure and that its equipment costs between US$400 and US$600.

In addition, the study also shows that Samsung’s ecosystem contributes 63% of the highest BoM (bill of materials) cost to the international version of S21 devices. Therefore, the South Korean technology giant has also achieved good sales performance in markets such as Europe and North America.

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At the same time, there are many reasons why S21 phones are cost-effective, but a very prominent reason is the use of internal Exynos 2100 processors in some non-European markets, including India.

In addition, the integrated 5G modem in the main chipset also helps the company follow this tradition and pack these phones with flagship products at a reasonable price.

“In line with the price drops, Samsung managed to deftly balance the performance versus cost. It made a significant improvement in computing power with the 5nm process-based mobile platforms, either Snapdragon 888 or Exynos 2100 depending on the sales market, and also introduced a refreshed design for the rear camera bump” Research Analyst Parv Sharma said.

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