Samsung Galaxy S22 to use batteries from China’s ATL for initial batch

As Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S22 series flagship lineup sometime later this year or early next year. Meanwhile, tipsters are continuously revealing more and more information regarding this upcoming smartphone lineup in advance.

As per the Korean media TheElec, Samsung will procure batteries for the upcoming Galaxy S22 smartphones series from both China’s Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) and Samsung SDI. Moreover, batteries from both companies will be reportedly used in the initial batch of the phones.


Previously, Samsung removed the Chinese firm from its supply chain when its batteries were pointed as the cause of the Galaxy Note 7 fires. However, ATL has since then restarted to supply its batteries to the South Korean tech giant, mostly for mid-tier models.

So far, ATL has supplied its batteries for Galaxy A, Galaxy M, Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Buds. Furthermore, the Chinese battery bamker has began supplying its batteries for Samsung’s flagships again for the Galaxy S21 series. Following this, Samsung could also cut unit prices from Samsung SDI by giving orders to ATL.

As per the report, the Chinese company will supply the 3,800mAh battery for the standard Galaxy S22, 4,500mAh battery for the Galaxy S22 Plus and 5,000mAh battery for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It’s worth mentioning that the battery capacity for S22 has decreased 200mAh and S22 Plus model 300mAh from their predecessors.

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