Samsung Galaxy S22 users reported audio video sync issue

Samsung Galaxy S22 March 2023 update

A new offering from Samsung‘s flagship lineup-Galaxy S22 series phones is among the best-selling smartphones out there. Despite being so expensive, the device has gained a lot of popularity, but the users are quite disappointed with the issues arising in it.


The Galaxy S22 smartphone users have been troubled a lot. Starting with display refresh rate to Game Optimization Services, GPS, and more, Meanwhile, a new issue regarding the audio-video sync has started appearing online.

Recently users reported that the audio-video desync issue occurs with or without the wireless earbuds attached to the device. While using wireless Galaxy Buds can exacerbate the problem.

Multiple apps including YouTube, Chrome (when playing back YouTube videos embedded on websites), and Samsung Gallery are encountering the desync problem. Meanwhile, Samsung’s “Processing speed” toggle seems to have nothing to do with the issue.

Further, the report claims that on unmuting a video in the Gallery app, every time the image freezes and shuttered for a fraction of a second while the audio continued playing. Sometimes, the audio-video sync back, while other times they don’t.

Aside from this changing YouTube video resolution also occurs this issue sometimes. However, it’s unclear what causes the audio-video sync issues in Galaxy S22. It could be a codec or a video acceleration issue.

Samsung or none of the community moderators has yet acknowledged the issue. Since it seems fixable, the company is expected to fix it in the upcoming upgrades.

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