Samsung BioActive Sensor

Samsung introduces a new BioActive Sensor for Galaxy Watch

Samsung has unveiled an enhanced BioActive Sensor for its upcoming Galaxy Watch series. It is designed to offer a more comprehensive and accurate wellness experience with advanced predictive and preventative wellness features.

This innovative sensor in Galaxy wearables boasts improved design, better performance, and functionality, enabling more precise health insights and empowering users to take proactive steps toward their well-being.

With the new BioActive Sensor, Samsung has enhanced light-receiving photodiodes, doubling their performance while reducing their number from eight to four. The firm also optimized LED arrangements for improved accuracy.


Moving on, the sensor adds diverse light-emitting diodes (LEDs), including Blue, Yellow, Violet, and Ultraviolet, alongside increased Green, Red, and Infrared LEDs.

Accordingly, the list of predictive and preventative wellness features includes an Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) Index. It provides a snapshot of your biological age to help you make more informed decisions about your wellness.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra first look

The sensor further delivers enhanced accuracy in tracking heart rate, sleep quality, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, and stress levels on the Galaxy Watch. It also offers 30% more accurate heart rate measurements during intensive workouts.

Notably, the new BioActive Sensor will debut in the upcoming Galaxy Watch series, including the Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra. Also, the reservations for these wearables are open, and they will be unveiled tomorrow at the Unpacked event.

Samsung BioActive Sensor

Samsung introduces a new BioActive Sensor for Galaxy Watch

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