CES 2021: Samsung introduces mmWave 5G TCU, lets new in-vehicle experiences

On January 11, 2021, Samsung has officially announced the in-vehicle 5G mmWave communication system and 5G car networking technology. It shows the possibilities of using 5G to realize self-sufficient driving, networking, and security enhancements.

Back in 2019, Samsung had launched the first 5G in-vehicle remote telematics control unit (TCU) which is now upgrading to 5G mmWave. The latest technology is quite important to realize the future of independent driving and car networking in the future.

The 5G TCU provides drivers with real-time road information and high-speed internet to display the content in high quality. In its research and development, the company achieved that 5G mmWave can minimize the wireless transmission delay and cover a large number of vehicles at one time. It can also produce rapid communication between vehicles, pedestrians, and infrastructure.

5G mmWave provides a bandwidth of 100MHz to 1GHz, which is more than 10 times the bandwidth of 5 to 100MHz currently provided by most wireless communication solutions operating in the frequency spectrum below 6GHz.

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Samsung has been aware of the infinite possibilities of the mmWave spectrum from the very beginning. It has been committed to the realization of 5G for more than ten years since its cutting-edge research on the ultra-high frequency and high-speed digital transmission in 2009.

The company’s mmWave base station Compact Macro has 1,024 antenna elements and supports clear and precise beamforming. The 5G Compact Macro can be seamlessly connected to a high-speed car driving at a speed of 200 km/h, thus successfully providing users with all the advantages of 5G.

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