Samsung introduces RegiStar, a new member in Good Lock plugin [Download]

Samsung RegiStar new

Samsung launched RegiStar, another member of the One UI 5.0 Good Lock module for Galaxy users. This will become an exclusive move from the company to attract and admire the users with their creations.

The company is working hard to provide users with a better experience with convenient features and applications. However, after Camera Assistant and DropShip, this RegiStar is going to be another ultimate project from the company for Galaxy users with One UI 5.0.

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Well while talking about the working of the RegiStar app, then you can change your smartphone’s home settings, search options, history, back taps, and other features with the Samsung Good Lock RegiStar. The company wants to increase the customizability and usability of your smartphone with the new module.

Samsung RegiStar new

You can use the RegiStar software to hide your email address, disable tag recommendations, adjust account display names, perform complex Side key operations, and more to streamline numerous chores and increase the security of your smartphone.

Open the Good Lock app, select the Life up a category, then scroll down to access RegiStar. The RegiStar module is located here, to download and install it through the Galaxy Store, click the download icon.

The register module has a version number of 1.0.21 with a download package of 30.42MB. Just download and install the module to experience new and amazing features.

Below you can check the download link for the RegiStar module:

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