Samsung SmartThings Pro

Samsung introduces SmartThings Pro at Infocomm 2024

Key Points 

  • Samsung unveiled SmartThings Pro for the first time at Infocomm 2024.
  • Samsung is entering the era of hyper-connectivity and AI.
  • SmartThings Pro is designed for B2B (business-to-business) segment.

Samsung unveils SmartThings Pro at the Infocomm 2024 event. This new platform is designed for the B2B market, offering a hyper-connectivity-based system that allows for seamless integration and management of various devices, solutions, and services within businesses.

Samsung will take part in the Infocomm 2024, the largest display exhibition in North America, and showcase the capabilities of SmartThings Pro alongside other display products and solutions. This event will be held in Las Vegas, USA from the 12th to 14th June 2024.

Smart Things Pro will let users link hotel TVs, system air conditioners, home appliances, IoT products, and more conveniently. It also reduces power consumption through AI Saving Mode and provides a dashboard function that allows users to view the connection status of their devices. 

Lastly, this corporate version of SmartThings called SmartThings Pro will initially be released in Korea and then expand globally. Samsung is also planning to introduce a dedicated API that helps corporate clients to participate in the Smart Things ecosystem.


Park Chan-woo, Vice President of Samsung Electronics’ B2B Solutions Team said, 

  • “We will further develop Samsung Electronics’ IoT solutions for the B2B market through SmartThings Pro,”“We will provide customized solutions optimized for everything from residential and commercial spaces to public facilities such as schools.” 

Samsung SmartThings Pro

Samsung introduces SmartThings Pro at Infocomm 2024

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