Samsung Pay might act as paid service to compete with Apple Pay in Korea

Samsung Pay paid service

Samsung is planning to turn its Pay application into a paid service in South Korea. Eventually, this action will enable the tech maker to easily compete with Apple Pay in the region.

So far, we heard that the American manufacturer is looking for a chance to unveil Apple Pay in Korea. Though it won’t much affect the Korean firm, it could give rise to new app competition in the market.

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This is why the Galaxy phones designer could possibly take a step and make Samsung Pay a paid service for Korean users. As per the recently released info, Apple Pay fees of 0.1 percent to 0.15 percent can not only be charged to consumers and stores but also credit card companies.

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The details further suggest that both Samsung and Apple are looking to impose payment fees on them. Moreover, many other payment services in the country, such as Naver Pay and Kakao Pay will also follow the suit as a new profit model.

Since the Korean tech giant has not said any word on the matter, we can not clearly say if the company will actually make Samsung Pay a paid service on not. However, if this is true, the company should soon declare it.

Samsung Pay paid service

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